Vegan Fashion Fridays Vendor Application

Vegan Fashion Fridays is a monthly vegan fashion pop-up held on the first Friday of every month at Vegan Scene in Venice, California. Vegan Scene is located at 4051 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90292.

Please submit the information below for the preferred contact so that we may maintain an up-to-date database of our potential vendors. Space is limited, so please fill out this form ASAP to secure a spot. This form must be submitted in order to complete registration for Vegan Fashion Fridays.

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Mini Vendor Spot: Includes spot at beauty bar, perfect for cosmetics. Will provide shelf space includes great lighting for display products Half Table Space: Main vendor area, this spot includes a shared table with another 100% vegan vendor, seating available at request Full Table Space: Main vendor area, this spot includes a full table, seating available at request Shelves & Garment Rack: This spot includes two shelves and a half garment rack, perfect for a line of apparel with clothing pieces, hats, bags, belts and signage on top and clothing items on the bottom. Great for vendors that are a bit more heavy on the display side
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WHAT DO WE MEAN BY VEGAN: My products are produced without the use of any animals and animal by-products. This means no fur, leather, wool, silk, exotic skin, bone, cashmere, alpaca, angora, feathers, horn, pearl, shell, mohair, honey, beeswax, carmine, tallow, lanolin, elastin, etc. NO exceptions.
All of my products are Cruelty-Free *
WHAT DO WE MEAN BY CRUELTY-FREE: This means absolutely NO animal testing or partnering with brands who sell in countries where animal testing is required.